Hi! Ich bin leidenschaftlicher Halter & Züchter von Geckos, hauptsächlich Kronengeckos.
Auf dieser Webseite möchte ich euch meine Zuchttiere und Nachzuchten zeigen.

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern (:

Patrick Hörnchen

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Another nice holdback from 2018. Tricolor Extreme Harlequin.


Unless noted otherwise all animals are 100% healthy.
All geckos are feed on Pangea, Repashy, BPZ and live insects in turn.

Shipping to hamm is always possible without any additional fees.
Worldwide shipping is possible with DDI (Dutch Dragon Import).
Price is ~125 USD for the first gecko and ~50 USD each additional.

I do my very best to loupe sex each gecko. If I see obvious pores, they are marked as males.
If no pores are visible and the gecko is between 5-20 grams, I list them as females. I am pretty reliable in
sexing geckos. With that being said, every once in a while one gecko will fool me, so I simply cannot
guarantee the sex on animals under 20 grams.

A 25% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit MUST be made BEFORE any of the geckos will be held!
Discounts on multiple available!

If you are interested in purchasing geckos, please contact me on my facebook page facebook.com/phreptiles, or e-mail info@phreptiles.com


After waiting way to long for this pairing the first clutch finally hatched and didn't disappoint.


Some nicer developments :)

top: right after first shedding
bottom: at 6 g


We want to thank everyone who bought geckos and food from us yesterday. This was probably one of the best hamm shows ever. Completely sold out on gecko diets and only a few geckos left.

See you in june :)


Almost all white now :)


It's time for the next Terraristika!

You can find me, my friend and my geckos in row 10 at the mainhall, table 1. First come first serve.

See you tomorrow!


Can't get enough of cream extreme harlequins!


You will find us in row 10 at the mainhall :)


Love the pattern on this young pine island female :)


Creampie is looking awesome today :)


Look at that pattern right after the first shedding.

Cream Pie Baby. NFS.


Very excited to see this one grow out.


Well ... that's one nice yellow & cream extreme harlequin


Finally one nice white collar hatchling :)


Fired up and down!


It's time for the next Terraristika in Hamm.

You can find me, my friend and my geckos in row 10 at the mainhall, table 1.

First come first serve.

See you!


Hoping everyone is enjoying christmas with their family, friends and geckos! We do :)


This one just made it out of the egg today. Enough pattern for this year!


Gasm arrived safely yesterday. I am very excited to cross these genes into my extreme harlequin lines :)

Thank you L.A.C Herps & Sander Bouwman


Well ... that escalated quickly ...


So I hatched this male in 2013. Took me a while to see the lighter spots that are not dalmatian spots. I first thought it is some kind of misfire. I checked older pictures and found it was already visible right after hatching.

In 2017 I first breed him to one female and got no hatchlings that had this "trait".

Late in 2017 I suddenly found another hatchling that had this "trait". I was surprised - it wasn't offspring of my male but from his parents.
There was no hatchling of this pair in the meantime showing this.

Fingers crossed it will become a female :)


Merry Christmas to everyone!